WWE finally recognizes #OccupyWWE via #OccupyRAW

This kind of recognition has been a long time coming, but at last, WWE took official notice of the Occupy WWE movement tonight on RAW from Memphis, Tennessee. 

WWE saw the resurgence of the #OccupyWWE movement last week as it shone above the #hijackRAW non-sense. They tried to hijack #OccupyWWE by changing the conversation to #OccupyRAW. Tonight, they put Daniel Bryan in the ring and surrounded him with agent provocateurs. They effectively killed #hijackRAW, but I will not let them kill #OccupyWWE. We control #OccupyWWE and #OccupyRAW - not the corporate fat cats up in Titan Tower.

As the handler of both @OccupyWWE and @OccupyRAW on Twitter, I made sure WWE couldn’t grab control of a movement that started without them many years ago.

Because at the end of the day, there is more to this occupation than just an episode of RAW, or even every episode of RAW. We’re occupying every nook and cranny of the WWE, from RAW to SmackDown to WrestleMania to WWEShop.Com. That is why #OccupyWWE will reign supreme and WWE won’t be able to misdirect the general masses with #OccupyRAW.

Tonight WWE gave #OccupyWWE and #OccupyRAW what they wouldn’t give #hijackRAW last week: Daniel Bryan in the main event championship match at WrestleMania XXX. It was our hard work in making that happen and we should all pat ourselves on the back.

While that was a good start, it is not the end of the road for us. We still have to fight for the Dolph Zigglers and the Zack Ryders of the WWE. We still have to fight for whatever it is we want to see every time we turn on WWE programming. We cannot accept the subpar programming WWE demands us to accept.

Don’t think this battle is over, WWE. We are Sin Caranonymous. We are Legion of Doom. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

Chicago is no longer a wrestling town

I just finished watching WWE Raw on my tablet via a “first row” stream from the airport lounge at O’Hare while waiting for my flight back to the east coast. I can’t believe what a failure tonight was. For starters, no one joined in the #OccupyWWE movement outside of the arena. I never had this problem at east coast venues, but I guess Chicago doesn’t care about wrestling as much as New York, Boston or even Bridgeport, Connecticut. I stood up for myself and for all likeminded fans outside the Allstate Arena in my SinCaranonymous mask to protest the general direction of WWE these days. This was especially crucial in light of the numerous problems in WWE these days.

I’ve protested PPVs, Raws and SmackDowns. I’ve been to Stamford to protest outside of WWE headquarters. I’ve even journeyed to the WWE Shop warehouse to take a stand during the holiday shopping season. I’ve had some support at events on the east coast. I’ve been mocked and ridiculed, ripped off and abandoned. I had given up all hope for the change the WWE needs until I saw the winds of change blowing with the #hijackRaw movement. It turns out it was just the winds of shit. I booked myself a flight to Chicago to bring the WWE Universe the occupation it so desperately needs. You all bitch and moan about the product, but you still put your money in Vince Kennedy McMahon’s pocket. Thousands of you strolled past me with your tickets for Raw tonight costing dozens of dollars each. You wore your WWE Authentic ‘rasslin’ shirts in public. You all are paying Triple H and Stephanie McMahon’s children’s trust funds at $9.99 a month for the next six months with the WWE Network. It makes me SICK.

Voting with your wallet is the only answer. And I’m sure as shit not going to waste my hard earned trust fund monies on buying tickets into an event or for a streaming service that doesn’t even work. My parents deserve better than that. We are entitled to more than that from World Wrestling Entertainment. 

And what did the #hijackRaw movement really accomplish tonight? You marks bought your CM Punk merchandise. You let Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar hold your hand and quell your “passion” in the opening segment of the show. You allowed VKM to appease you by taking the tag titles off of Hunter’s friends and putting them onto internet mark favorites the Usos. You did nothing to get Cesaro over even further. You chanted “This Is Awesome” at REMATCH that hadn’t even begun yet. You sat on your hands then BOOed Emma, one of the hardest working talents at NXT who can actually wrestle. You sat in silence then chanted “Boring” and “This Is Awful” while Christian Cage put on a four star match against Sheamus. You couldn’t cohesively chant anything amusing during the Divas match. You forgot to turn your backs when Triple H and Stephanie were in the ring. John Cena played you all like fiddles with his masterful promo. You mindlessly chanted for CM Punk over more genius from Bray Wyatt.

The coup de grâce was when Corporate Employee and Pawn Daniel Bryan came out and hijacked the #hijackRaw movement by declaring it part of his #YESMovement, meaning it became part of the WWE machine. Triple H and Stephanie owned #hijackRaw and all of you smarks. But they’ll never take #OccupyWWE, at least not as long as I’m alive.

You Chicago fans are the worst that the WWE Universe has to offer. YOU are the problem with professional wrestling today as much as VKM and his doofus children. I hope Daniel Bryan is buried by the Triple H more than he was during the end of Raw tonight. I hope Batista walks out the WWE Heavyweight Champion at WrestleMania after having a ONE ON ONE match with Randy Orton. That is the main event you smarks deserve, because at the end of the day, you accomplished nothing in Chicago tonight. The citizens of Chicago are pawns of the McMahon dynasty. You sporadically and half-assed chanted for one savior that didn’t come. SAVE_US.CMPUNK? Yeah, right. Chicago is no longer a wrestling town.

We’re back, brother.

It has been a long journey. We’ve been to RAW, SmackDown, PPVs, WWEShop.Com and even Titan Towers itself. We’ve been harassed, heckled and even abandoned in unfamiliar territories. We rose up to get mainstream media attention when people called us frauds.

And like Batista with an upcoming movie, we’re back whether or not you like it.

In the midst of the #YesMovement, the #NoMovement, the #hijackRAW movement and many other things, we felt this was the time to start camping out, protesting and making our voices heard again. With CM Punk walking out of WWE, it is up to us at Occupy WWE to be the voice of the voiceless.

That’s why this Monday at WWE RAW in Chicago, we will be there in our Sin Caranonymous masks protesting outside of the arena. You can get your own mask too for free. Just click the page link on the sidebar.

We want Daniel Bryan in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match at WrestleMania XXX. We want CM Punk back and kicking ass. And we don’t want Boo-tista and Randy Orton shoved down our throats.

WWE Raw. March 3rd. Allstate Area. Chicago, Illinois. Expect Us.

Smacked down at WWE Smackdown

From another sleepless night the car, we bring you this: Last night, Tuesday, was our first strike at WWE’s home state of Connecticut. We occupied the Webster Bank Arena, for at least a little while. Originally we had planned to protest out in Stamford in front of WWE headquarters to kick off the day, then head to Bridgeport for Smackdown, but after the turn of events at Raw, we decided it would be best to wait to visit Stamford.

At any rate, we showed up in Bridgeport, with extra “S For Solidarity/Sin Cara” mask copies, and waited for the crowds to arrive. Unfortunately, between more trolls going to the show chanting for more sex and violence near our group (to draw negative attention toward us) and the weather, we didn’t quite last that long, nor was our crowd that big. Someone must have complained because we were asked to leave. We complied so we could live to fight another day, namely, today when we begin our occupation of WWE headquarters in Stamford.

We may only have just under 200 Twitter followers, but we know thousands more have seen our Tweets and have seen the press on us in the main stream media. We hope to see some fellow occupiers in Stamford today. Bring your tents. We’ll be there a while.

Quick notes about the Occupy WWE Kick-Off Rally in Boston

Tonight was the kick off rally for Occupy WWE. We were in Boston, Massachusetts at the TD Garden. After driving cross-country this weekend, a small group of us arrived at the arena shortly after 5 PM. We simply had our “S For Sin Cara” solidarity masks and some poster board signs for the Occupy WWE protest. We hung around one of the entry lines to the arena with our signs and chanting whatever came to mind. Many people laughed at us, some jeered us, but more importantly, some joined us. At our peak, we were maybe 15 strong. Some so-called fans joined our group, but very quickly “turned” on us and began calling us homosexual slurs. This is nothing new, as we received taunts and threats like this over Twitter all week.

Shortly thereafter, we were told we couldn’t be on the arena’s property any more if we didn’t have tickets, and that we had to disperse immediately. Those of the group that had tickets (purchased for whatever reason, even though we don’t support giving WWE our monies at this time) decided to join the line and file into the arena. The small number of us remaining headed to Portal Park right next to the arena, near the street. Some cars honked at us and our signs. This didn’t last too long though because we were approached and told we couldn’t hold our gathering at the park without the proper permits. We were asked to leave, or else we’d be cited. We think someone who doesn’t like what we are doing tipped them off. We aren’t here to start any trouble, so we left the park and headed down the street to get sammiches.

While getting food, we decided that trying to do two protests tomorrow between Stamford and Bridgeport might not be the best of ideas, given how tonight went down. Instead, we’ll just focus on the WWE Smackdown taping tomorrow night in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Wednesday through Saturday, we’ll try our luck in Stamford at WWE headquarters for our true occupation protest, before heading to New York for Survivor Series at Madison Square Garden on Sunday.

Thanks to all of our Twitter followers and those who came in person to support the Occupy WWE movement. Having only planned this a week and a half ago, we felt like we made some good strides tonight, and we hope we’ll have better luck occupying in Bridgeport than we did in Boston. Soon I’ll be posting some of the main stream media coverage Occupy WWE has gotten.

We received multiple requests for solidarity masks that could be worn at the rallies. In response, we mocked up these Occupy WWE lucha libre masks.

Feel free to print these on 8.5” x 11” paper. First, right click the solidarity mask of your choice and open it in a New Window or New Tab. Either print from your browser or save the image to your harddrive and print from your favorite image viewing program. Then cut out the masks along the mask-edge. Use a hole punch on the white dots on the sides of the mask, and tie a shoestring to both ends to complete the mask!

If you print these out to wear before a rally, be sure to send us a Tweet with your picture: @OccupyWWE

Thanks for your continued support!

The time has come…

Fellow fans of World Wrestling Entertainment, the time has come for us to make our voices heard. We must occupy the WWE for the powers that be to get the message that they can do better, that we expect them to do better, and that we deserve a better sports entertainment product. Please check the schedule of events and join us as we Occupy WWE.

Follow us on Twitter @OccupyWWE and use the hashtag #OccupyWWE to spread our good message.

We are wrestling.

We are legion.

We do not forgive.

We do not forget.

Expect us.